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Working in Japan and not teaching English

It seems everyone I ask that is travelling to work in Japan has the same answer – teaching English. First of all, I’ve nothing against this, I think teaching is a great way to propel yourself into a community and whether it’s kids, or adult that want to learn more, the people you teach are bound to be enthusiastic and will teach you plenty of things about the country.

That said, it’s not for everyone. My next post will be about how my partner and I have been searching for work, the barriers we must overcome, resources we’ve found and what we would love to do (hint, we both love music and are quite creative).

If you have worked in Japan, know someone who is out there at the moment or you currently reside there I would love to hear from you as I prep this post, especially if you’re not teaching English, and if you managed to land work without first having a degree.