Planning For a Long Trip to Japan

If you’re reading this then either you’re like me, and interested in travel all kinds of Japanese things, or you know me and have been gently guided towards this read. Either way, you’re hopefully about to join in the start of an adventure.

There are already plenty of great blogs from people doing similar things and I’ll be linking to them in future posts, but I decided to write this because while researching I haven’t found anyone in a similar situation to us:

First of all, we’re a couple. We have a mortgage, we’re well settled in our careers and we have a lot of worldly possessions┬áthat typically come with being 30 and ‘settled’ (Car, furniture etc.). The only thing we’re missing is kids! In 3 weeks I’ll turn 31, and that means that I have 3 weeks left to apply for a Working Holiday Visa so yesterday we headed off down to London with papers in hand, hoping the Japanese Government will put a little stamp in my passport which will allow me to spend one year in the country with the right to work part time in order to fund travelling around the country.

I’ll talk more about the application process in another post but you have to provide a fair amount of documentation, not to mention you need to hand it in PERSONALLY to the Japanese Embassy in London.

So find out in a couple of weeks if we get the application, and from there I’ll be blogging about how we meet the little challenges we face in keeping to our travel plan, before continuing to document our trip around, what is, in my opinion, the most exciting country in the world.

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