About Ben and the Japan Plan

Bordering on the age of the digital native, I’m lucky to be old enough to see the net from the start, but young enough to still be excited by what’s on the horizon.

After years of being unable to shake a desire to live in Japan I’m following the dream with my partner in tow, and through this blog I want to share the whole experience from start to finish. There will be no dressing things up, things could go wrong at any moment. We have a house to rent, good jobs to leave and a tonne of possessions that will be left behind while  we embark on what I can only imagine will be the adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for freelance photography, video work, writing then drop me an email. While I’m navigating Japan this work will help us keep up our travels and improve this blog.  In the mean time if you want to know more about me professionally please have a look at my LinkedIn profile

2 thoughts on “About Ben and the Japan Plan

  1. Wanted to ask, how do you fancy it over there thus far? I have the same general plan- scrape up my resources, figure out a 9-5 while over there, and jump ship from the States.

    Else, I need to finish reading your whole blog, and if you’d like, feel free to peek mine despite how poorly I wrote my Jp section (since I had if not too much fun just being over there). I did my best to do, a post a day or 2 or 4 to make up for some days/lack of net/etc. I’ve also wrote my section 95% using a Galaxy S2 with a dinky bluetooth keyboard, so it was partially painful in itself.


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