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Tokyo Fan Week

This year there was an event set up in Harajuku called Tokyo Fan Week. Despite the title it took place throughout February and offers a chance for tourists to take tours of lesser known areas, and shop staff wore badges saying it was OK to take photos of them (typically in Harajuku shops you’re not allowed to take photos, despite all the cool thing you might find).

You can find out more about the event here and hopefully they’ll be running it regularly in the future.

Our working holiday visa was approved :D

Yesterday morning we were surprised to get a knock on the door. It turns out the Japanese Embassy had been super efficient in processing our documents and we eagerly ripped open the bag.

Inside was this:


Needless to say we’re excited and a little nervous. After so many years I finally get to spend more than just a two week holiday in my favourite country, enveloping myself in culture and learning the language; but at the same time there is so much to prepare and so many “What ifs..?” But now is not the time for what ifs, now is the time to grab an opportunity and believe everything will work out if we put all the pieces in place.

As you can see in the picture the visa was issued on May 1st and we have until May 1st next year to activate it.

So what next? First of all we have to put up a fence with our neighbours, so not very exciting, but once that’s done we’ll be on with making plans to rent our house and at the same time I’ll be getting a jump on writing to people over there and trying to arrange some freelance work. I’ll also be making a dream list of all the bands I want to shoot (photograph, I’m not some crazed maniac) and I’ll likely write about my love of live music in the future.

I hope you’ll stick with us through the journey and if you’re thinking of a trip yourself, I hope my future ramblings will help answer some questions.

I’m a J-List affiliate

Just a quick note to say I’ve been accepted as a J-List affiliate. What does that mean? To help fund our trip I might occasionally, when it’s appropriate, add little banner ads and links to things I feature in the blog that can be bought from trusted websites.

One of these is J-List (also known as J-Box); They’ve been around for donkeys years and based in Japan, shipping products around the world you’d be hard pushed to find in a regular shop. If you decide you want to buy something from them, by clicking my links I’ll get a bit of cash to help further fund my trip and as a result, keep bringing you blog posts like this one.

For example, if I write a post on bento boxes (Japanese style lunch boxes) I might put a link to Jlist like this:

Check out these cool Bento boxes

or this:

You get to see cool new things, I get to carry on bringing you awesome blog posts. Win / Win :D